Aug. 22nd, 2012

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How has my life come to this? I listen to One Direction songs when I'm feeling shitty now. I blame my little brothers, and every fandom person on my tweetlist, especially people like [ profile] hungerpunch who make everything seem so cool GDI LO WHY HOW WHY I CAN SING-ALONG TO EVERY SONG ON THE UP ALL NIGHT ALBUM NOW.

Also this morning I managed to get [ profile] the_raccoondog to let herself fall victim to Harry Styles' curls and the band's ARASHI-esque shenanigans. (Tons is a big ARASHI fan.) Muhahahaaa--fuck. 8|


ETA. This is a thing [ profile] claudine and I do:

It felt weird how yesterday was Tuesday and I didn't spend half the day waiting for Teen Wolf episode download links to appear. I did find out that my friend Kath, who had originally been appalled by the images the title alone made her imagine, managed to catch the S2 finale on TV last Saturday--and loved the fuck out of it (whereas I only laughed like a lunatic during the entire climax scene). She even tagged me on her spazzy Facebook status to ask me for the whole two seasons. XD Happily obliging.

Not having Political Animals starting next week is going to take even more getting used to, with the added torture of not knowing whether that episode really was just a season finale and the show HAS (oh please please please please? ;A;) been picked up for another season. I saw a post on about how the actors were actually signed for more seasons should this happen? *FINGERS CROSSED* But the uncertainty!



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