Feb. 12th, 2013


Feb. 12th, 2013 03:20 am
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*waves to new friends* Hi guys! First thing you should know about me: when I say I'm going to post an entry the following day, chances are life is going to get in my way and I won't get to do it until nearly a month later. Now that that's out of the way, um. INTRODUCTIONS!

Hi. I'm Ginny. I've been on LJ since 2003 and been a fandom junkie for even longer (my first being Harry Potter and latest being Merlin), and my fandom contributions usually comprise of fan art. These days I'm more active on Twitter (please don't let the love songs for the Pope drive you away; stuff like that only happens when I'm sleep-deprived, which is an honest-to-god (did you see what I did there 8D) very rare occurrence these days because I usually pass out the minute my knees touch the bed), Tumblr (yeeah that's my face; art tumblr is this way), and Facebook (yes I treat that as a fandom space at times as well. No, idgaf about anonymity anymore tbh), but I'm serious about rekindling my relationship with LJ because, well, I love this fucking site. Spambots and all (not really, not the spambots, no).

During the period that I had not updated here, I'd been mostly busy with RL: working at my day job as a graphic designer (I got promoted to marketing officer for creatives and digital marketing recently), going to graduate school (who needs a night life when you've got classes!), trying to survive with what little money is left with me after I've handed most of it over to my mum (Asian ProblemsTM? But for those who have been following me before, hi, my dad has a job again :'D), and barely managing to socialise but doing so regularly anyway. (Friends, y'know. I like them.)

And parenthetical interjections, evidently.

Oh, I've also finally decided to ~follow my dreams~ and go back to acting, aaand I'm in this movie. It's a stoner film that is actually an indie feature about friendships and growing up. I think it's showing this March. Also this girl is seriously hot (bit NSFW). She's not in the film but we're sharing a stylist. Hee.

Fandomwise, at the moment, I have [livejournal.com profile] merlinreversebb and [livejournal.com profile] drawmelot's Creatures Project. But after these two activities and after I've finally given the people I owe the fan art I've promised them (GINNY PLZ), I'm most likely going to lie low and steer clear from the fandom front for a while and just rant about stupid kids with [livejournal.com profile] claudine as we rock about in our chairs on our creaky porch (Old Ladies Club ftw). And probably keep sleeping loads. (OLD LADIES CLUUUUBBBBBB!!!1)

NOW. TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELVES, BABES--your favourite ships, the things you enjoy doing for and outside fandom, your favourite tropes, things that make you happy, things that make you sadface, your favourite bands, your favourite song by your favourite band which reminds you of your favourite ship, was it sunny or cloudy or rainy or snowy in your part of the world today, what kind of sloth would you be if you'd magically turned into one right now (I would be fabulous), etc etc etc--WHILE I PASS OUT AND REMAIN SO UNTIL I HAVE TO PANIC ABOUT GOING TO WORK AGAIN.

Old friends, go do it too. Or simply tell me, how are youuuuuuu? ILUs.

ETA. I like this new update page. It's very nifty. 8D



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