Feb. 16th, 2013

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This is my first day off from EVERYTHING (work, school & home--I stay with my grandparents on weekdays and only go home to my family for the weekend but instead of that being relaxing, it's usually quite hectic because being around my mum can be quite a challenge that way; still love her though) in a while, and I'm more stressed out than usual. I can name two reasons behind this:

One, even though I'm not in the office or at school, I still can't help but think of homework and my deliverables for the following week. The school stuff is all group work, but I'm the leader for one project and I--why. And then so much pending shit for the day job. Plus freelance, because I need money, being the family cash cow and all.

Two, I'd missed out on two activities that I really wanted to join this weekend. Was invited to climb Mt Pulag (one of the most famous places to climb in the Philippines) some time ago but immediately had to decline because I knew the trip was going to fall on the week of my period. And true enough, I got my period last Wednesday-- so even though one person kept trying to convince me to go up until the last minute, I really couldn't say yes. Then as luck would have it, my body decides to stop bleeding last night, the very night everyone left Manila for the trip. It would have still been fine and dandy because Stars is playing here tonight and I've been told that they are truly wonderful live. But. Tickets sold out the moment I managed to have enough money to buy one. So.

I'm just going to do freelance stuff instead. And then go home to my Mum in the evening. Home-made meals are always the best.


In lighter news, IHOP opened here yesterday so I went to check it out with friends for our weekly session of Fitness Eating (usually scheduled on Thursday but we made an exception this week because Valentine's crowd dnw 8D), where we are constantly left to suspect whether all the restaurants we dine in spike their food and drinks with marijuana--or wonder if it's really just us. ABS (A Big Stomach) galore.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] claudine has set up a Merlin/Arthur rec blog on Tumblr and made a slave fic rec list for those of you who are into that. I know I am. ;)

Also, also! Let me pimp out these songs my very good friend wrote when he was still at uni and recently re-uploaded for easier enjoyment. They're quite lovely in that feel-good, let's-relax-and-remember-the-love-we-had-and-lost sort of way. OOPS I MERLIN/ARTHUR FEELS'D ALL OVER THE FLOOR AGAIN.

Oh, and I forgot to mention last week I saw Potted Potter after a friend gave me free tickets to the show. That was a lot of fun. I got "sorted" into Slytherin for the Quidditch portion, rightfully so. *beams with pride*


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