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It's been Stormaggedon here in the Philippines for the past... week? Weeks? and I have spent this one so far this way:
  • Monday | went on leave for fear of dying from flying roofs and falling tree trunks; then it turned out that the typhoon had already subsided in the Metro, and i beat myself up over having wasted my leave that way. Dad (who normally discourages going on a leave for reasons that are not near-paralytic illness) said not to fret about it, though, since it was raining like a fucking deadly thing on our side of the country so I was eventually able to enjoy my rest day in peace. Relatively.
  • Tuesday | took advantage of the fairly decent weather and finally submitted my scholarship application for grad school--at super speed over lunch. *FINGERS CROSSED* Went to dinner with Potthead friends to celebrate Harry P's 32nd birthday, had an encounter with an idiot cab driver on the way home, and ended up walking the whole kilometer to the train station instead. Instant exercise! Watched the latest episode of Teen Wolf, and flailed and cried inside.
  • Wednesday | Fucking. Overslept. Thanks, Stiles.
    Thursday morning - present time | Celebrating "Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa (Month of the National Language)" with friends by speaking purely in Filipino (including non-English-based slang) on Plurk and having a good, hearty, side-splitting laugh about it. We're giving [livejournal.com profile] aesires til sundown before she cracks from the challenge, and starts spouting English again and nothing but Filipino curses instead. (Most Filipinos have gotten so used to mixing the national language with English that it has become extremely difficult to keep speaking in pure Filipino while keeping a straight face.)

Tonight I'll be seeing Brave with a couple of said friends. Excite! :D Meridaaaaa. Can't wait to love youuuuu ♥

Speaking of Clint and Natasha's lovechild, I've been encountering a lot of wank over the upcoming (is it still apt to call it 'upcoming' if it's still about two years away?) Winter Soldier movie lately, a lot of it from people who are afraid that Bucky Barnes will bring in the "ruin" of the Clint/Natasha and Steve/Tony ships, and this just... bothers me. This post pretty much sums up what I feel about it and, as the OP writes about as well, the frustration of Black Widow fans over Natasha not getting her own movie before Bucky.

Basically, (1) I'm with the people in support of more female and POC leads in superhero movies, but I refuse to do this by shitting on characters that actually have a very interesting arc and especially whom I have grown to love; (2) I think ship wars are stupid and pointless, and I'm just going to my corner and enjoy my Avengers love in peace with people who are in the fandom for the love and fun as well, okay? Okay.

ANYWAY. More pleasant stuff: This Teen Wolf meta about the classical elements in the show, and how next season could just be the year of Stiles makes me miss being in lit class at uni; and this spoken word performance about the expectations and realities of love makes me miss performance lit class like endlessly burning. Why did I decide to do a business-related post-grad again? ;_;

Hey guys, heeeeyyy! ♥


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