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Yesterday, I read this article from a Canadian blogger about why local arts scenes are dying and posted about it on my Facebook (yeah, we've already established that I don't give much of a shit about fandom-RL exclusivity -- add me up there if you feel the same way! I've already been friends with a handful of LJ and Tumblr folks for at least a year lol), and I didn't realise I had so many feelings about our local arts scene until I started discussing it with various friends afterwards.

Which is a little weird because I've been into the arts since I was very little? Into it meaning I've been exposed to musicales since age five (Les Miserables was my first love) and grew up with a former-singer-performer mother and enjoyed doodling since god-knows-when, but never really did much to hone it--with the exception of being active in school plays during elementary and high school, and taking a lot of performance arts classes and doing a lot of video assignments at uni (I was a Communications/Media Arts student *shrug*). So I guess part of the feelings also came from my frustrations with not being able to fully pursue anything creative? So now I'm living vicariously through my artist friends by going to their events and pimping them out, while I struggle to help my family get out of the financial shit we're in on the side even though I can never say that I'd ever be happy with corporate life.

Heh, yeah. I think this pretty much replaces what fandom life I used to have. An existential crisis.

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