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Plurk. Taking. Too long. To get back on track. I feel like losing my lifeline. *topples over, wheezing*


Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] nekoism:

Your best K8 match is: Okura Tadayoshi!
Your best K8 match is: Okura Tadayoshi!
Take Which Kanjani8 member are you most compatible with? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.

Congratulations, your K8 love match is the sultry and serene Okura Tadayoshi!

Considered one of the heartthrobs of K8, Tada is tall and gorgeous. But Tada is more than just a pretty boy. He's an exceptional drummer, and a pretty damn good dancer and singer too. He's pretty quiet though so you'll either have to learn to appreciate the silence or talk enough for the both of you. Despite his quiet and often infuriatingly calm character, Tada can and does become excited. When he does, Tada goes from being cool and laid back to dorky and very cute. And nothing makes this guy go into dorky little boy mode quicker than food, his one true love. So hopefully you are an amazing cook or at least know where all the good restaurants in town are. Tada can also be quite romantic and he's pretty accommodating. When you're with him he'll probably go along with just about anything you decide. But when he's set his mind on not doing something, often it will be hard to convince him otherwise. And despite his seeming spaciness Tada is no airhead and while other people are yapping away Tada is quietly observing his surroundings. A calming and relaxing presence, Tada hasn't an aggressive bone in his body. And he's the perfect match for the low tension and laid back girl that is you.

Ugyuu-- ufff'f'fffu. >3< ♥ *glomps Taguchi* (Whaaaaat? I'm a... loyal... dragon. I'm a loyal dragon. u_u;)


EDIT. Because everyone has to see this. EVERYONE.


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