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Daddy-o My boss and two of my three teammates are away in Cebu for the week, making our office very lonely and boring. I have got way too much extra time on my hands, and with the week's assignments and the favours I had been asked to do all over and done with... I am stumped.

Over the course of forty-eight hours in this idleness, however, several amazing things have happened:

Matty and Bobby broke the longest continuous kiss record. Now, this isn't just about HOMFG TWO GUYS KISSING FOR THIRTY-THREE HOURS KJDHKHKJAHKJA HOTTTT!!!1 for me (though ngl my little fangirly heart did flip a bit over it the first time it appeared on my Tumblr dashboard); these boys decided to take on this feat so they could raise the flag for equality and LGBT rights. They're not even together (Bobby has a boyfriend) or remotely attracted to each other--just a couple of college friends wanting to do something more useful than waste money on creating the world's most giant-ass skateboard. I don't know how successful they would be in making a real change, or if people won't take their intent the wrong way, but I love them for doing this nonetheless. And for playing Lady Gaga during the live stream. :))

Managed to allow Inception fandom to eat my brain. I DID IT FOR THE PORN OKAY. And because I may be slightly in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (So I have a thing for slight and pretty actors called Joe, don't judge me.) Also, there's that thing where the movie is kind of spectacular, and has so much potential for fandom awesomesausage-ness and amazeball-ness. and stuff. AND HAVE I MENTIONED ALL THE FANTASTIC PORN??!!1 *A*

Once again, I am NOT slipping away from KAT-TUN fandom so stop looking at me like that! I'm still ending each bullet point in this post with a kaomoji, aren't I? In fact, I've been catching up on my fan fiction reading (I am now convinced that Twilight!Akame is the most glorious thing on the planet; you cannot persuade me otherwise T^Tb), and this thing of beauty to share with you. BEHOLD YOUR OVARIES EXPLODE.

These icons are addictive. :|

This Saturday, I will be attending a seminar on using digital tools for education hosted by my uni and the Asian University Digital Resource Network (AUDRN) because, for some reason, my old professors think all my flailing about gay wizards and Japanese pop stars--and doing so while writing in LOLCAT speak and abusing kaomoji--makes me a qualified delegate to the event. 8D Aaand, I guess there is the fact that I (used to be) an academic and am currently in charge of social media marketing for our company brand. is my sister's birthday. Which means I must give up superbly beneficial learning once more, and stay home. For without me helping out Mum with the preparations, she will not have a party. I am not that cold-hearted of a person. u_u;

Later today, [livejournal.com profile] chibiko_panda-tachi and I will be attending the GLEE party at Greenbelt. I would go as Mike Chang (so Hachi and I can be all couple-y and stuff, even though I could never be cool with Tina dating Mike *holds Artie ;~;*) but the only clothes I have with me are those I wear for work, plus two pairs of short shorts and a giant shirt for when I hang at the cafe at night (which I have yet to start doing), so now I have to make do with this LBD (a dress, you guys! I AM WEARING A DRESS. I ~like~ wearing a dress! D8) and maybe try to pull off a Quinn-Santana lovechild idek. Ngl, even though I don't enjoy Glee as much as I used to anymore, I am kind of excited. ♥
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